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VBASE 11.6.6 ready for download

VBASE 11.6.6 Update

The latest version 11.6.6 of our automation platform VBASE is now available for download.

VBASE 11.6.6 is a service release and includes some minor functional enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements.

The new version is available as installation file and as offline update in our download area. Existing installations can be updated with the update manager integrated in VBASE. The update is free of charge for all existing VBASE customers.


New features & updates:

  • Allen-Bradley Ethernet DF1 driver added
  • The open serial ASCII driver has been extended with RTS, DTR and handshaking options
  • In the VKK status window, the individual VKMs are differentiated by color according to their status
  • SNMP Trap Receiver integrated (activation via editor VDF server)
  • New project property: Hide menu field when the link points to the current image
  • General revision of the webremote for better function, presentation and handling of HTML pages and their elements. The System Functions field in "Message List" mode displays all pending messages in the Webremote.
  • Further options have been added to the VISAMVOK.INI file (Reporting_system_threaded, Logging_threaded)

VBASIC has been extended by the following new functions:

  • For processing SNMP messages (traps):
    VOK.SNMP_SendTrap, VOK.SNMP_Get_Trap_Count, VOK.SNMP_Get_Trap_Message
  • The conversion of umlauts into character strings:
  • Query or change the last modification timestamp of (online) variables:
    VDF.GetLastChangeDate, VDF.GetLastChangeDateString, VDF.SetLastChangeDate, VDF.SetLastChangeDateString

Existing VBASIC commands were extended:

  • VDF.WriteAscii with the optional parameter "Writelength
  • VOK.WriteFAttr with new attribute number "106" to change the size of the table scrollbars
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