VBASE Offline Update Packages

You can use our offline update packages to update VBASE installations on computers without an Internet connection. To do this, load the appropriate version onto a storage medium (eg. USB stick) and transfer the package to the computer. Use the update manager in the VBASE editor to install the update on the destination system. For more information see VBASE Help.

VBASE HMI / SCADA Version 11.4.6

VBASE Offline-Update Package (.VUP)
Latest version.

VBASE HMI / SCADA Version 10.2.17

VBASE Offline-Update Package (.VUP)
Last version of VBASE 10.

VisAM HMI / SCADA Version 9.5.4

VisAM Offline Update Package (.VUP)
Last VisAM version.