VBASE 11.6: reporting tools, field grouping at runtime and new communication modules

VBASE 11.6 update now

With VBASE 11.6 the VISAM GmbH releases a new version of its platform for industrial and building automation, which contains many new functions and performance improvements.

Neu in VBASE 11.6: RDLC Reports

The new RDLC interface significantly enhances the reporting function and offers a flexible option to output the captured data in the desired format on the screen or on the printer. The interface was integrated as a VBASE communication module (VKM) and generates reports with the help of the Microsoft RDLC Report Designer.

VBASE already comes with several report templates that serve as examples and can be modified by the user. Due to the complexity of the topic, VISAM GmbH offers a special service for the creation or adaptation of individual report templates. For this service we would be pleased to submit you an offer.

Neu in VBASE 11.6: Field grouping at runtime

The new field grouping function allows you to select several fields at runtime and operate them in groups. Two variants are available for selecting the fields: With selective selection, you can define several field groups at runtime and call and change them again later. With dynamic selection, the desired fields are selected at runtime by pulling a "rubber band" for joint operation.
For the safe operation of grouped fields, a whole series of rules has been added to the VBASE-RT hmi runtime to prevent the unintentional or illogical manipulation (control) of fields. For example, only fields of the same type or with similar effects and with the same limitations can be grouped together. It is also possible to exclude individual fields from the grouping function during project planning.

Neu in VBASE 11.6: Further communication modules

VBASE 11.6 contains new communication modules (VKM) for the following systems:

The update to VBASE 11.6 is free for all existing customers and is available immediately on our download page and in the VBASE update function. Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the new functions.

VBASE 11.6 download now.

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