Informationen on EOL of "VisAM Win32" software family

EOL VisAM Win32

For many years it was the product that gave our company its name: the HMI/SCADA software family "VisAM Win32". After the two-year development phase, the sale of VisAM Win32 started in 1997 until it was replaced in 2006 by the next generation, VisAM dotNET (today VBASE). The official discontinuation took place already at the end of 2015.

More than 20 years have passed since the start of sales and now it is time to say finally goodbye.

We would like to point out again that at the end of 2019 the support for systems based on VisAM Win32 will be finally and completely discontinued!

Existing licenses will of course remain valid. However, these can no longer be replaced if lost and we would like to point out that a secure operation of the outdated and no longer further developed system is hardly possible. Therefore any operation of projects on VisAM Win32 systems is completely at your own risk and warranty!

Further information can be found in our PDF support document.

Switching to VBASE is usually possible without any problems!

As we attach great importance to compatibility with existing versions during the further development of our software family, in most cases it is possible to migrate old projects to the current version without any problems. This means: Projects created 20 years ago under VisAM Win32 can be migrated to VBASE 11 with manageable effort!

You will also find further information on this in our PDF support document. Our support team will inform you about costs for an upgrade as well as for possible engineering costs.