VISAM Smart Solutions

VISAM Smart Solutions

Industrie IT, this term underlined our company logo for many years and was intended to convey the topics we deal with at VISAM. In the past these were mainly software and components for industrial automation.

But our company and our core product "VBASE" have developed considerably in recent times, the tasks have become more multifaceted and our target group has become broader. Many areas like building automation, IOT or resource monitoring have gained in importance. Today the term Industrie IT can only describe a part of our field of activity. Consequently, a new subline had to be created that does not categorically exclude any field of activity.

VISAM Logo NeuSmart Solutions now flank the VISAM logo. Because Smart Solutions describes very well what drives us in our daily work: the development and implementation of intelligent solutions for a wide range of industries and tasks.

Smart Solutions for...


Industrial automation
Building automation
Smart factory
Industrial computing
Energy and resource monitoring
Data acquisition

...and many more.