VBASE 11.5 with support for MQTT, BACnet, Telegram and more released.

Now available: VBASE 11.5 with support for MQTT, BACnet, Telegram and more released.

VBASE - the software platform for the automation of industrial plants, production machines and buildings - is now available for download in version 11.5. As already announced, this update provides a multitude of new functions, communication channels and safety features:

With MQTT, VBASE now supports the most important IOT and M2M protocol for transmitting messages and telemetry data between devices over the Internet. Thanks to the additional support of the BACnet protocol, large building automation projects can now be implemented even more easily and versatilely with VBASE 11.5.

With a new function block, VBASE 11.5 can now communicate directly via the Telegram messenger service and send status and alarm messages to the smartphones of the responsible employees. Emails can now be encrypted via TLS for protected transmission. The new access management of the server interfaces regulates the access rights of individual network participants to the process variables and protects the automation project from unauthorized access.

Furthermore, SNMP support for improved network management and the deeper integration of array variables, which now offers even more space for complex projects, have been incorporated into the new VBASE version.

The update to VBASE 11.5 is free of charge for all existing customers and is now available on our download page and in the VBASE update function. Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the new functions.

Download VBASE 11.5.2 now.

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