VBASE and MQTT for the automation of industrial plants and buildings via the cloud.

With MQTT, VBASE integrates one of the most important M2M and IOT protocols for communication via the cloud. The slim, low overhead protocol provides true push communication, is scalable to several thousand clients and works even with a poor network connection with high latencies and low network speed.

MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport and is also known under the older terms "WebSphere" and "SCADA Protocol".

MQTT implements a publish/subscribe architecture with a broker (server) as the central point for all senders and receivers. The broker distributes the messages (topics) to all recipients who have subscribed to the topic. The broker can also provide the last value of a topic in case individual recipients were not connected to the broker at the time of publication.

The Broker provides the complete communication infrastructure and keeps the entire data available. It can also be used as a status database and small unperformant MQTT devices can be connected to the broker to collect data and/or receive commands. Control commands can thus be transferred quickly and easily from one or more transmitters to many individual instances. This makes MQTT perfectly suited for solutions in the field of automation technology and is widely used in the Industrial IoT sector.

You have the choice of broker. VBASE supports both public and self-hosted MQTT brokers. VISAM GmhH also offers a corresponding service via VBASE.cloud.

The MQTT Principle

The MQTT principle with VBASE automation.

MQTT Advantages

  • Open message protocol for IOT and M2M communication
  • Most widely used IOT protocol
  • True push communication
  • Communication via central brokers
  • Publish/Subscribe Architecture:
    1 sender, many receivers
  • Slim protocol with low overhead
  • Can also be used with a poor Internet connection
  • Scalable to several thousand clients per server
  • Freely configurable MQTT-Broker in VBASE

Other compatible systems and protocols:

  • ISO on TCP
  • Modbus
  • OPC UA
  • Siemens SIMATIC
  • WAGO I/O-System
  • Mitsubishi MELSEC
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT ADS
  • VIPA
  • Saia
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Panasonic / Matsushita PLC systems
  • M-Bus
  • KNX
  • digitalstrom
  • 200 other compatible remote systems

The complete list of systems supported by VBASE can be found in the VBASE online documentation. If the system you are using is not listed, please contact us. Together we will find a solution!

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