What is VBASE?

VBASE is a very flexible and multifunctional automation platform for professional industrial and building automation.

Why function blocks?

Function blocks encapsulate recurring logic and functions in a pre-built software module and reduce development times.

Is my PLC compatible?

VBASE supports more than 200 different remote systems. And of course it supports all common PLCs of the main vendors.

VBASE is an industry-neutral and highly flexible process visualization and control system. With its many interfaces to the control level and superior IT systems, VBASE is used as a multifunctional automation platform in professional industrial and building automation.

VBASE is the central hub for all of your automation projects. The application possibilities of VBASE are almost infinite. Everywhere where processes are visualized, data is collected and control commands must be exchanged with remotes, VBASE is at home. In the industrial automation, as well as in the professional building systems engineering. From automotive, to construction materials, to pharmaceuticals and chemicals - VBASE is not limited to a single sector.

VBASE is suitable, among other things. For / as:

  • HMI and SCADA system in machine and plant engineering
  • Production Data Acquisition (PDA)
  • Production Management System (MES)
  • Energy / Resource monitoring and controlling
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Gateway functions between remotesystems from different manufacturers and interfaces
  • Gateway between production and higher-level IT systems
  • Building Management System
  • many, many more!

VBASE (and its predecessor versions) has been on the market for more than 30 years! The first version was developed in 1986, for the DOS operating system. Since then, the software has been continually developed in terms of functionality and technology. We attach great importance to compatibility with old VBASE projects. VBASE has been project-compliant for more than 15 years!

Here you will find the detailed history of the software.

Licensing is basically done over the runtime, the part of the software, which contains the finished project and is executed on the target computer. The VBASE Editor is free of charge!

There are 5 different VBASE-RT runtime systems, which differ in function, licensing and price. The software license is already included in the device price for a VISAM HMI unit (VTP) or automation server (VGATE).

Here you can find more information about VBASE runtime systems.

Basically there are the following possibilities for an automation project with VBASE:

  • You are projecting yourself. Our support team assists you when you enter the world of VBASE. In addition, we offer affordable training courses.
  • We do the projecting for you. In close co-operation, we will work together with you to develop the perfect automation solution for your production plant or building and finally implement the project completely.
  • We provide a VISAM system partner who is on-site with you and / or already has a great experience in your industry.

VBASE is compatible with more than 200 different remotes. This includes, of course, the popular PLC systems from Siemens, Wago, Beckhoff, Mitsubishi, etc., but also bus systems such as Modbus, KNX or digital power. It is also possible to integrate systems via OPC.

So it is very likely that we support your system. The complete list can be found in our driver list. If your system is not listed, please contact us. We also offer affordable driver development!

Support at VISAM is free of charge!

It does not matter if you are already a customer or are still testing our software. Our competent support team is at your disposal by telephone, email or in our support forum.

Yes, we can offer you affordable training packages!
We have made the experience that the content in small groups can be better mediated and the individual tasks can be better addressed. Therefore, we do not teach mass training but teach in small groups of max. 4 employees of a customer. In our house or at your place. Each training is individually prepared and always focused on the aspects of VBASE, which are the focus of the respective customer.

Yes, the user interface of the VBASE Editor is available in German, English, French and Polish.

In addition, the user can store multilingual texts (up to 256 languages) in the VBASE projects, which are displayed in the runtime environment and can also be switched during runtime.

The VBASE runtime systems are independent programs. In order to ensure that VBASE is started automatically after the system start, the corresponding runtime system (VOK) must be entered as a link to the "Autostart" folder by the operating system, followed by the respective project name.

In order to simplify this process, it is possible to automatically create an Autostart link on the local system. Find this funtion under "Project Test" within the VBASE editor (see Online Help).

There are two easy ways to protect VBASE projects against manipulation.

  1. Editor with password protect
  2. Delete the editor (exe file) from the customer system
  • Pentium Prozessor with 1 GHz or better
  • min. 512 MB RAM
  • 200 MB storage on hard disc
  • Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10

VBASE was developed for Microsoft's Windows platform. The "VBASE Editor" configuration tool runs on all desktop operating systems as of Windows XP.

The runtime systems can also be used on the Embedded operating systems Windows Embedded Compact and Windows CE.

If VASE is already installed on the system, uninstall the old version before installing a newer version. For a new installation, the symbol library should always be installed. Otherwise the installation runs menu-based.

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