Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Monitoring and security for data centeres

Integration of data center and smart building

Holistic solution for the efficient operation of data centers

Intelligent solutions for the monitoring and management of IT infrastructure help to observe the condition of the data centers, detect problems or bottlenecks early on and make the operation of the data centers more efficient and secure. The close integration with the building management system provides a complete overview of the infrastructure with many automation options.

VBASE provides many interfaces and important functions to be used as a central actor in data center monitoring. With its great flexibility, VBASE bridges the gap between data center, IOT and building management system. It sees itself as a holistic system solution and combines numerous individual solutions from different manufacturers and trades in a uniform interface.

Monitoring of environmental, energy and consumption values
Uniform dashboard for all individual systems
Secure and fast alarm in case of problems
Integration with ERP and building management systems

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Complete energy data acquisition

VBASE monitors and logs the energy consumption of the entire system and of individual areas, as finely tuned as the technology allows. The recorded values can be displayed in a dashboard as live data or replayed in a historical, cumulative view of weekly, monthly or yearly progressions for later analysis. For this purpose, VBASE has ready-to-use modules that greatly simplify the connection of the meter hardware and the generation of reports. A consumption meter is integrated into the software with the VBASE Smart Meter function module within a few minutes and automatically forms approx. 90 consumption values which can be further processed.

In addition to energy consumption, VBASE also permanently monitors the quality of the electricity supply network and detects fault and differential currents. By continuously monitoring the electrical systems, faults and failures can be detected and averted at an early stage.

With regard to Green IT, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is an important component in the move towards more environmentally friendly information and communication technology. This is because the infrastructure with uninterruptible power supply, power distribution, cooling, air conditioning and similar facilities is responsible for up to 50% of the energy requirements of a modern data center. With a reliable monitoring and management system, energy requirements can be precisely recorded, analysed and optimised.

Data Center Monitoring with VBASE:

Integration of various individual systems

Monitor multiple, distributed data centers

Central dashboard, also for several DC's

Collection of status and fault messages

Logging of the measured values and historical display

Configurable reports and analyses

Alerting by email, text message or messenger

External access via web remote

Optimization of energy consumption

You can test VBASE for free with your remote system.


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Secured power supply with UPS and ESPS

If the power supply should fail, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and the emergency standby power system (ESPS) come into play. VBASE integrates the battery backup as well as emergency power generators into the system. The dashboard provides information at a glance about the current status of the UPS and the battery charge level. It also provides a forecast of the possible runtime in battery operation. All data about malfunctions and failures are logged and archived for the purpose of verification. In addition, an alarm can be sent to the appropriate department in the event of a power failure.

Cooling according to demand

Just like the power supply, VBASE also monitors and controls the ventilation and air conditioning system. For this purpose, temperature and humidity sensors are permanently interrogated and the measured values are logged in a database as proof and for historical viewing. The dashboard and other displays also provide information about the current climate data and the status of the ventilation and air conditioning system. VBASE controls the temperatures within the predefined temperature window. If limit values are exceeded or malfunctions occur, the alarm is triggered.

Block unauthorized access not only on the software side

Secure your data center not only on the software side against intruders and damage, but also on the hardware side against unauthorized access. VBASE integrates intrusion alarm systems, access systems and fire alarm systems as a central point in the data center dashboard. VBASE also displays the current status and of course alarms if problems occur. In addition, the individual services can be activated or deactivated from VBASE if required.

Compatible with (almost) everything

VVBASE has a wide coverage of remote systems of all kinds. In total, VBASE supports about 200 systems, from different areas and from different manufacturers. In the area of IT infrastructure, for example, SNMP, Modbus, M-Bus or MQTT play a larger role.

For monitoring & metering in the data centre, VBASE integrates, among other things

  • temperature sensors
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • uninterruptible power supply (USV)
  • Emergency power generators (NEA) and emergency power generators
  • Electricity meters and current meters
  • Intrusion detection system (EMA)
  • Fire alarm system (BMA)
  • Network components via SNMP
  • IOT devices per MQTT

Many of these individual systems have their own system display, each with different user interfaces and structures. With VBASE it is possible to standardize all these individual systems in an easily understandable user interface adapted to the respective situation. For example, the structural or spatial situation can be specifically addressed or an already known design and operating concept can be adopted. In the event of a fault, instructions can be issued in understandable way to allow non-expert personnel (e.g. plant security) to initiate necessary solution steps.

Mobile data center access with VBASE Web-Remote.

Every VBASE system has an integrated web interface based on HTML5. With this interface all data of the data center can be easily displayed on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and after approval also be operated. Thus the data can be made available worldwide, in real time, if desired.

In addition to mobile access, notifications can also be set up to notify the responsible employee or department by email, text message or messenger when predefined limits are reached.

Mobiler Zugriff auf die Rechenzentrum-Daten per Smartphone oder Tablet.

Integration of further automation functions

Computer center monitoring is only one area covered by VBASE. The flexibility of the system as well as the many interfaces enable the integration of further company divisions and trades. For example, the computer center can also be linked to the company's building control system or ERP system and exchange data.

Many functions are available in VBASE as function modules and can be integrated and parameterized quickly and easily. VBASE can be adapted to any industry and includes a large number of drivers for the systems of different manufacturers. All functions are also ideally suited for retrofitting existing systems.

VBASE Automation Plattform

The flexible plattform for industrial and building automation.

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