Digitalization and networking

Multifunctional middleware

Data communication and harmonisation in heterogeneous infrastructures

Unified interfaces and data formats for end-to-end digitization

The digitization of machines, production plants, processes and building services systems involves a mix of many different interfaces, protocols and manufacturer-specific data formats. The data exchange between the systems and with higher-level IT systems, such as the company's ERP system, is therefore often only possible with a great deal of effort.

Uniform protocols and homogeneous data formats for easy data exchange between all systems would be desirable. However, since this state is practically impossible to achieve with heterogeneous and grown infrastructures (inventory), a specialized software must take over the task of an intermediary translator and data mediator.

In other words, a "Middleware for Industry" that manages the Babylonian tangle of languages and physical interfaces.

Compatible High compatibility with more than 200 systems
Harmonization Harmonization of interfaces and data formats
Communication Communication with systems from different manufacturers
Connection Connection
to Cloud, IOT
and Company IT

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Multifunctional middleware for industrial and building automation

VBASE connects systems of different manufacturers, interfaces and protocols.

VBASE, the data translator

With its flexible applicability and compatibility with currently more than 200 protocols and systems of different manufacturers, VBASE starts exactly at this central point and takes over the functionality of a middleware and a gateway. An ever growing pool of small, flexible software modules (drivers) is represented by the "interpreters", which can be docked to the VBASE middleware at will. The VBASE runtime (core software) manages the interfaces and ranks the data according to programmable rules.

VBASE evaluates the received data, adapts them to the respective target system and passes the adapted data directly there or stores them in standard databases for further evaluation. Communication between different machines and systems (M2M) is also simplified by using VBASE. With the consistent digitalisation of processes and the harmonisation of the acquired data, meaningful, company-specific key figures can be created, which represent an undreamt-of potential for companies.

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Double the benefit with the right hardware

Our VGATE systems complement VBASE perfectly and offer the ideal hardware for gateway and middleware projects. They convince with a robust industrial design that has been tried and tested for years as well as with a scalable hardware performance, depending on the size of the project. VGATEs are equipped with many hardware interfaces to be coupled with the existing systems and can easily be operated as a "black box" in the background. Due to the fanless and moving part free architecture, they work almost maintenance free.

All VGATEs are completely equipped with software and are offered at an attractive set price.

robust aluminium housing
vibration and shock resistant
fanless, without moving parts
Software included: VBASE Runtime, VBASE development environment, operating system
Set price!

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VBASE as multifunctional middleware:

Continuous compatibility from the machine sensor to the cloud system

Integration and harmonisation of all relevant parts of the company: production, IT, building, cloud

Currently supports more than 200 industrial and building automation systems

Seamless integration with higher-level IT systems (ERP, SAP, Cloud etc.)

Perfect for retrofitting in grown infrastructures

Use of function modules for the simplified use of recurring calculations

Creation of meaningful and company-specific key performance indicators (KPI)

Reports and data access also via Smartphone

VBASE Automation Plattform

The flexible plattform for industrial and building automation.

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