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How productive is your machine really?

The productivity of a production plant or machine can be expressed in a single key figure: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). With OEE, the productivity of a plant or machine as well as its losses can be displayed at a glance.

In practice, however, the key figures are often very determined on a unsteady basis. An insight into the economic viability of the plant or even an intervention during production is almost impossible.

VBASE integrates the query and calculation of key figures (KPI) directly into the user interface of your machine and can display the current OEE value together with the losses directly on the machine — in real-time.

With this capabilities a current evaluation of the plant effectivity is possible, as well as corrections, that can be carried out in case of ineffectivity. In combination with other key figures, the system can always be operated in the optimum range (for example energy consumption, service indicator, etc.).

The OEE KPI shows productiveness and losses of machine at a glance.
More efficient
production plants
Fast Return on Investment
Determination of
stillstanding times
Mobile evaluation
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Calculation of OEE KPI.

OEE also for your production plant

The OEE index value is determined using a general formula from the factors of availability, performance and quality. This formula can be applied to almost any production plant or machine with little effort.

With a VISAM Touch Panel the system can be installed directly at the workplace. The production numbers are displayed to the machine operator in real time. VBASE has many interfaces to control systems and higher-level IT systems and can easily be integrated into existing systems. By directly connecting to the hardware, machine downtimes and production data can be recorded automatically.

If VBASE detects a production stop, the machine operator is automatically prompted to select a reason for the standstill from a list.

Shift-related OEE evaluation

For the determination of the OEE value, the recording of the operating and stillstanding times of a machine is necessary. Through its high connectivity, VBASE can automatically detect and record the system status. If the status signal of the machine changes from the active state to the stop state, the operator is asked immediately after the standstill. For this purpose, a machine-specific, individual selection list is available for a fast operation.

To enable a detailed analysis of the plant's productivity, VBASE goes one step further and includes layer and production plans in the evaluation. From this information, VBASE calculates the OEE metrics and a Top10 list of downtime conditions on shift and machine level. With a VISAM Touch Panel (VTP) this information can be displayed and recorded directly on the machine in real time.

Shift-related OEE evaluation with VBASE.
Shift-related OEE and the Top10 of the downtime conditions are calculated and displayed by VBASE in real-time.
VBASE function blocks.

Easy integration with function blocks

VBASE has a large library with so-called function blocks for various topics. With the VBASE function blocks it is possible to use complex and frequently used functions and calculations in a simple manner in SCADA projects. The functionality described is completely depicted in the VBASE OEE function block and must only be parameterized for the respective system.

The modules are based on a standardized structure and encapsulate recurrent logic or functions as a "blackbox". The user only has to select the relevant blocks from the library and set the input or output variables. Function blocks can be developed quickly, flexibly and independently from the main system.

Mobile access on OEE data via smartphone

Each VBASE system has an integrated HTML5-based web interface. This means that all machine and production data can, on request, be easily displayed and controlled on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Smart Production Systeme with VBASE

Smart Production Systeme with VBASE

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