VBASE Machine Monitoring

All machine data in one place

Condition monitoring and machine data acquisition combined

Condition Monitoring ala VBASE

With conventional condition monitoring, only the condition of individual, local machines is usually monitored. VBASE monitoring extends this functionality and enriches the data with information from machine and production data acquisition. VBASE supports a large number of sensors from different manufacturers to record the machine condition and presents the information in a uniform presentation.

The VBASE monitoring is not limited to single machines of a production site, but can be scaled to the respective requirements of the company. Of course, several machines and plants or even the complete store floor can be integrated into VBASE for monitoring and analysis. It is also possible to integrate further locations into VBASE via the cloud.

monitoring Link between Condition Monitoring and Production Data Acquisition
Machine Cockpit Machine Cockpit with extended Machine Data
Sensor Technology Support of sensors from different manufacturers
Alarming Safe alarm when limit values are reached

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With Condition Monitoring:
Reduce maintenance costs, increase availability

Innovative production plants with high reliability and efficiency require systems that also keep costs and downtimes as low as possible during maintenance and servicing. It is therefore worth considering maintenance strategies before it is too late. Condition monitoring makes wear and tear predictable, repairs can be planned and downtime is less frequent. VBASE supports you in all partial steps of condition monitoring.

  1. Acquisition
    Measurement and recording of machine parameters
    with appropriate sensor technology (e.g. vibration sensors, microphones, thermometers
  2. Comparison
    Comparison of the actual state with a given reference value e.g. set point value to be maintained or limit value not to be exceeded
  3. Diagnosis
    Using the results of the status comparison, locate any errors as early as possible and determine their cause. So that necessary maintenance measures can be planned or initiated at an early stage.

In general, the objectives of condition monitoring are an improvement of operational safety and machine efficiency as well as a longer service life of the machines and individual elements. Condition monitoring is also a basic prerequisite for condition-oriented maintenance, which offers significant advantages over reactive and preventive maintenance. With the appropriate sensor technology, it is possible to correctly evaluate, interpret and compare the machine signals with reference values, so that early maintenance and the replacement of wearing parts results in a longer service life and unplanned downtimes are avoided.

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VBASE Monitoring is more than just condition monitoring

Condition monitoring provides good information about the current condition of a plant or individual plant components. However, these data do not provide information about the productivity of the plant. VBASE Monitoring solves this problem differently: since VBASE is not limited to pure condition monitoring, additional data, for example from production data acquisition or consumption values, can also be included here. With the help of function modules, the system records the reasons for machine downtimes, determines the current OEE values in real time, records energy consumption or records the running time of the individual machines. Everything is optimized for the respective plant and situation.

The VBASE machine cockpit provides an overview from the individual sensor to the complete shopfloor.

VBASE extends the classic condition monitoring with information from the machine data acquisition and thus provides a complete overview of the plant status. In the machine cockpit, the individually adapted dashboard, you have an overview of everything: from the individual sensor to individual machines to the complete store floor, the data can be read here. VBASE also calculates meaningful key figures from the determined values and displays them in the machine cockpit.

Machine and condition monitoring with VBASE:

Integration of different sensors and various individual systems

Link between machine and production data

Display of data in a clearly arranged machine cockpit directly at the machine

Monitoring of wearing parts and prevention of errors

Support for condition-based maintenance

Recording of measured values and production data in (cloud) databases

Avoid downtime and increase machine productivity

Alarm via email, SMS and messenger when limit values are exceeded

Configurable reports and analyses, external access via web remote

VBASE Automation Plattform

The flexible plattform for industrial and building automation.

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