Automation Server & Gateway

Data mediator
for automation worlds

Rugged metal housing
Vibrations and shock resistant
200+ compatible systems
Software included

Robust compact server for machine-level use.

The products of the VGATE series are rugged compact server for data collection and data exchange between different systems, physical interfaces and protocols. They are suitable for use as a data switch, data collector, interface converter (e.g. Ethernet <-> Serial) or as a server for higher-level IT systems. All VGATE work with VBASE and are compatible with more than 200 different fieldbus, protocol and remote systems.

All VGATE systems are shipped with a complete software package consisting of automation runtime environment, configuration software and operating system.

The VGATEs use powerful but fanless processors and are designed with no moving parts, which is perfect for machine-level use in industrial environments. They have a large range of interfaces and can be flexibly integrated into existing applications. The compact units are designed for installation in the control cabinet and are able to work "headless" as a black box in the background and make the recorded data available on the network in real time.

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Possible applications for your VGATE:

Data Transmitter

VGATE actively communicates the process data from up to 5 multi-vendor systems, interfaces or protocols.

Data Collector

VGATE reads the process data from the connected systems and stores it cyclical or event-controlled to a data storage.

IOT gateway

As an IOT gateway, the VGATEs act as a central element for your IOT devices. They unite the different systems under a single user interface and enable communication among each other.

Data Server

VGATE provides the process data of the connected devices for higher-level IT systems such as PDA, ERP or order tracking.

WebVisu Server

VGATE provides the graphical user interface as an HTML5 website in the intranet or internet for connection via smartphone, tablet and desktop computers.

MES Server

With many interfaces from the sensor to the ERP system and integrated MES functions, the VGATEs are suitable for data acquisition and as a superior system in production management.

Current VGATE Modelle:


  • VBASE Kompakt-Server-RT,
    Windows CE 6
  • ARM Cortex A8 CPU
  • Status display


  • VBASE Kompakt-RT,
    Windows CE 6
  • TI Cortex A8 CPU
  • many interfaces


  • VBASE Kompakt-RT, Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • AMD T40E CPU
  • iDoor interface


  • VBASE Kompakt-Server-RT, Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • AMD T40E CPU
  • iDoor interface


  • VBASE Server-RT, Windows 7
  • Intel Core i7 CPU


  • VBASE Pro-RT, Windows 7
  • Intel Atom D510 CPU


  • VBASE Pro-RT, Windows 7
  • Intel Atom E3845 CPU

Please request our latest VGATE price list.

100% Industrial

The VGATEs are based on a Harware design, which has proven itself over many years in industrial practice.

  • Fanless, without moving parts
  • Robust aluminium chassis
  • Vibration and shock resistant

Software included

All VTP operator units are supplied with a complete software package. This includes:

  • VBASE HMI runtime
  • VBASE HMI development tool
  • Operating system

200+ Remote systems

Due to the high connectivity of VBASE, all VTP and VGATE systems are compatible with more than 200 remote systems. Among them are, of course, the common control systems of the major manufacturers.

Smartphone connectivity

With the VBASE Web-Remote all VTP and VGATE systems feature an integrated web interface on HTML5 basis. This enables the display and operation via a smartphone or tablet at the same time.

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