The origin of our automation platform lies in the automation of machines and plants in the industrial sector. Here, VBASE can make full usage of its advantages: flexibility, connectivity and functional scope.
For which topic are you interested?

Industry 4.0 and Smart Production

VBASE makes the production "smart". New and existing production facilities will be fit for the digital, connected future. more

OEE and Productivity Monitoring

Always keep an eye on plant productivity. VBASE integrates the query and calculation of important key figures directly into the user interface of your production plant and optimizes operation. more

Retrofit: Industry 4.0 for existing plants.

How can existing plants be integrated into the digital future of Industry 4.0? Retrofit with VBASE offers fast modernization and fast ROI. more

Machine- and Condition Monitoring

More than just condition monitoring. VBASE combines condition monitoring and machine data acquisition in one system and contributes to efficient and durable machines. more

Predictive Maintenance

The predictive maintenance offers many advantages for production companies. Machines and plants can be used for a longer period of time, downtimes can be scheduled and reduced wear leads to reduced costs. more

Machine and production data acquisition

VBASE can collect production data without gaps. And to not lose orientation in all the data, VBASE gives you detailled reports in realtime. more

HMI & SCADA in machine and plant engineering

Coordinated production processes and intuitive machine operation are the key to effective production. more

Energy monitoring and management, Smart Metering

How much energy does your company really need and where can it be saved? VBASE supports you in saving resources. more

Industrial IOT

The Internet of Things does not stop at the industrial level either. VBASE integrates your systems under one surface and abandones one-trick solutions. more


Automating with LoRaWAN

With VBASE and LoRaWAN, large industrial plants and building complexes are opened up for automation. Fast and cost-efficient - without worries about cables. more

Middleware for Industry

For seamless digitalization, VBASE harmonizes and standardizes interfaces, protocols and data formats and makes the information available for different recipients. more

HMI / Operator panels

The VISAM touch panels cover a large display range from 3.5 to 32 inches. The huge amount of software functions is outstanding for the HMI sector. more

Automation server

The robust and compact VGATE servers are based on VBASE and meet the most diverse tasks as a gateway, data collector or WebVisu server. more

Your benefits with VBASE:

  • Transparent and increased efficiency of production facilities.
  • Detection and minimization of downtimes.
  • Intuitive system operation with innovative operating concepts.
  • Extending the lifetime of plants and machines by means of predictive maintenance.
  • Integrating control systems from different manufacturers.
  • Connection to higher-level IT systems.
  • Production data available at any time via smartphone.
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ACO Guss
Arla Foods
DSV Global Transport and Logistics
Frischli Milch und Mehr
GE Power
Ilsenburger Grobblech
Metsä Tissue

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