VBASE is perfectly suited for use in professional building systems engineering. The great strength - to combine the most varied systems in one platform - makes VBASE a multi-system automation system.
For which topic are you interested?

Building Management Systems (BMS)

For VBASE, building management is always a holistic approach in which all trades are integrated. Say ciao to one-trick solutions. weiter

Smart Building

VBASE creates intelligent buildings with a high degree of comfort, safety and efficiency. Trade-spanning automated and controllable by smartphone. weiter

Energy monitoring and management, Smart Metering

How much energy does your company really need and where can it be saved? VBASE supports you in saving resources. weiter


Data center and IT infrastructure monitoring

VBASE-Monitoring creates more efficient and secure data centers and also builds a bridge to other parts of the company. weiter

HMI / Operator panels

The VISAM touch panels cover a display range from 3.5 to 32 inches. The wide range of software functions is outstanding for the HMI sector. weiter

Automation server

The robust and compact VGATE servers are based on VBASE and meet the most diverse tasks as a gateway, data collector or WebVisu server. weiter

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