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Keep it cool.

Trade-spanning building management system for a cold-storage logistics centre.

10,000 m2 cooling area

In Heidenau near Hamburg, a 10,000 m2 logistics centre for the European dairy cooperative Arla Foods was built in record time of six months. The complex operated by DSV Solutions serves the dairy product manufacturer as the most important logistics hub for supplying northern and eastern Germany.

The distribution centre has 3 temperature zones for the various dairy products and combines 10,000 m2 of cold storage space with a 20-gate cross-dock terminal and an 800 m2 office wing.

Arla-Distributionszentrum in Heidenau bei Hamburg.

All trades perfectly networked.

Advantages of a cross-discipline BMS:

  • Integration of all trades in one system.
  • Data exchange between systems of different manufacturers, protocols and interfaces.
  • One user interface for all trades.
  • Smart automation by linking different trades.
  • Reduced energy and resource consumption.
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs through TPM.
  • Secure remote access to all building services and system components using a smartphone or Tablet PC.

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Good connectivity and integration capabilities required.

The general contractor Köster commissioned VISAM with the short-term integration of a building management system (BMS) for all trades. The focus was set on monitoring the cooling system and recording the temperature values with the connected temperature sensors as well as on energy monitoring. The many different trades to be considered in the BMS and the large number of different manufacturer components and fieldbuses put high demands on the connectivity capabilities and interfaces of the automation platform used. Here VBASE could play its trump cards to the full and cover all required interfaces. Another advantage was that the VBASE function modules (smart meters, etc.) reduced the project planning effort to a minimum and thus the implementation took place within the desired time frame without any problems.

Secure storage, consistent quality.

The core functionality of the BMS is the continuous monitoring and logging of temperatures in the various cooling areas. VBASE stores the current actual temperature values in a SQL database and issues an alarm message if there are previously defined deviations from the setpoints. VBASE also creates automated reports on temperature progressions. Furthermore, the monitoring and control of the hall heating as well as the ventilation system and the heat pump of the office wing were integrated into the BMS. The cross-discipline BMS with monitoring of the cooling areas ensures safe storage and consistent quality of the dairy products. Options for the future expansion of the building management system include the integration of additional trades (lighting, fire protection system, burglar alarm system, PV system, etc.) and the possibility of mobile visualisation via smartphone or tablet.

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