For the visualization and manipulation of process data and states, VBASE uses several field types with different properties. They can be linked to process variables and display their contents in different ways, depending on the field type.

Analog bars

For displaying and manipulating of variables in the form of a size modifying bar.

Application quit

Terminates the project during runtime.

ASCII character string

Represents the values of one or more associated process variables as an ASCII string or allows them to be entered.


Starts programs of third parties at runtime or is used to link addresses.


For labeling elements within the process picture.

Picture format

This system field type is used to position the entire application on the monitor.

Bit switch

Display and change the lowest bit of several process variables.


Enables and controls connections within the VBASE database interface.


To output information from the database.

Decimal field

For displaying or manipulating process variables as decimal values.

Form / Color switch

Depending on the process variable, even-colored surfaces are colored with a predefined color.


Displays process variables in the form of a rotating pointer.

Line animation

Represents a range of variables as a graphical animation.

Line diagram

Represents a range of variables as a graphical line.

Line writer

Many possibilities for the display and logging of measured values and data.


The media field is used to integrate media of various formats into the projects. The Media field also integrates live images from video cameras into the project.

Reporting statistics

Used to call the reporting statistics via the user interface.

Message text

To display texts depending on the content (value) of a variable.


To navigate to other process pictures within the project.

Menu switch

Combination of the field types menu and switch. Can take up to 8 different states.


Formatted protocols are created with the fields of the pro format, e.g. for printer output.

Protocol block

The protocol block is used for fast, block-wise recording of data. For instance, for recording measured values.


Displays the content of the report field and the reporting statistics in the form of a list, table or graphical statistics.


Recipes can be loaded, saved or deleted from the user interface using the recipe field type. The fields must be assigned to a recipe level.


The switch is used for status display or for changing states. Depending on the assigned process variables, up to 8 different texts or symbols are displayed.


Adds size and dimensions to the Line writer field.

Symbol animation

For the presentation of moving elements. Depending on the process variables, variable symbols are displayed in size and position.

System functions

Enables the call of status information and functions integrated into VBASE (e.g. screen cleaning, user management, etc.)


Used to display and select large amounts of data using a table.

Key transfer

Sends keyboard shortcuts to third-party applications.


For activating a bit within an assigned variable in the push mode and for status display.

Text report

To display message logs, log files, etc. in the form of text files. Can be controlled by a coupled remotesystem.


Shows the ratio of several values to each other as a ring, cake or bar graph.


Allows you to view and enter data in the time format.

Time bar

Represents a complete day (24h) as a time bar and can contain definitions for switching points and switching states.

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