Our example applications are intended to illustrate the handling of certain functions in our automation system VBASE HMI / SCADA. The demo projects can be imported within the VBASE editor using the "Import project" function.

Please note: In order to be able to use all examples, the latest version of the VBASE editor may have to be used! We do not give a functional guarantee and we do not guarantee completeness!

Analog bars

Explains how to deal with analog beam fields.

Analog bar coloring

In this example, analog bars are manually colored.

User administration

This is how VBASE user administration works..


Position-dependent opening of a process image within an image.

Picture name to ASCII field

The project shows how the current picture name is output in an ASCII field.

Date / time

Example of the field types Date & Time.


Example of using the field type diagram.


Use of the form color switch in VBASE.


Sample project for using the VBASE gauges.

Line Recorder & Scale

This example explains the interplay between the line recorder and the scale.

Message text

Demo for viewing message logs.

Message System

Demo for integration of the VBASE message system.


Run a ping with VBASE.


Determine and output information about the network configuration.

Logging part 1

Recording of process variables in text files (ASCII, CSV) or databases (MDB) and presentation of the data with the DB report.

Logging part 2

Demo for automatic, time-controlled recording of data.

Logging part 3

Explanation of the DB report administration recipe


Explanation of VBASE recipe management S7 status / control variables

S7 status / control variables

Display and change variable address ranges of a PLC (S7). The project can be adapted for other interfaces / PLC systems.

Symbol Animation

Example of using the field type symbol animation.

Table cell as selection

Usage of a table cell as a selection list

Week timer

A weekday clock realized in VBASE Basic.

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