Effective work

With VBASE it is possible to create small projects in less than 1 minute. The following video shows basic work steps within the VBASE Editor and guides you through the project, image, and addressing assistants.


Function blocks

With function blocks, recurring functions and complex logic can be encapsulated within a module. VBASE already has an extensive library of ready-made function blocks. The video shows you how to work with function blocks in VBASE and how they reduce your configuration effort.


Smart Meter (Function bock)

With the smart meter function module it is possible to integrate a consumption meter in VBASE in the shortest possible time. The block calculates automatically over 70 counter values and makes them available for visualization. The following video explains the simple integration of the block in VBASE.


Database connection

Connect an external database within the VBASE Editor and display values during runtime.


The Line Recorder field

This video describes the functions and the handling of the pen within the VBASE runtime environment.


VBASE Field styles

The video shows the handling of field styles within VBASE HMI / SCADA. With field styles, the graphic properties of the fields can be stored in the VBASE Editor and can be used across projects.


VBASE symbol library

Demonstrates the new features of the new symbol library from VBASE 10.2 and the differences from the previous version.


Time switches

This part of the video workshop explains how to create and manage complex time switches. Time switches, shift plans, etc. within VBASE.


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