VBASE 11.7.5 ready for download.

VBASE 11.7.5

With VBASE 11.7.5 is another service release for the versatile automation platform, developed by VISAM GmbH.

This update contains several functions that further improve the handling and performance of the software. A new communication driver for the control of EBMPapst components has also been added. Bugs have been removed. Further details on the new features can be found in the following change history.

The new version is available as an installation file and as an offline update in our download area. Existing installations can easily be updated with the integrated VBASE update manager.

The update is free of charge for all existing VBASE customers!

As announced, the further development on the basis of the current VBASE generation is considered to be completed and is now limited to service and security updates. The further development of VBASE with new features and functions is fully concentrated on the coming generation: "VBASE X64".

Changelog VBASE Version 11.7.5

  • It is possible to apply a filter to the message list of the message system by clicking in the "Description" column to selectively show/hide messages.
  • VOK.WriteMSG Index error removed. Caution, possible adjustment in old projects necessary
  • VOK.SetVKKStat and VOK.GetVKKStat extended
  • button_debounce_time added to VisamVOK.ini
  • Message list window call accelerated for large amounts of data
  • Recorder bugfixes (reload values for SQL string change and VOK.LW_Refresh, as well as update values for VDF Arays and X-axis)
  • New call button combination for PV monitor and script/text update
  • New VKM EBMPapst EC-Control added
  • It is now possible to apply the text and colour display for all, or all following PV values.
  • It is now possible to exchange the channel assignment in the VDF of a channel of a group with another channel from the project via a new dialogue window. The same functionality is also possible for station numbers.
  • Several bug fixes
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