VBASE monitors the data and status of the new Bicker DC UPS with supercaps.

VBASE unterstützt die Bicker USV mit Supercaps.

Our automation platform VBASE has been extended by a driver for the new DC UPS from the manufacturer Bicker and now supports online monitoring of the buffer systems.

The uninterruptible DC power supply UPSI-2406DP2 is equipped with fast-charging supercaps as energy storage and bridges power failures, voltage dips and flicker in the 24V power supply of DC loads up to 100 watts. It thus ensures fail-safe operation of embedded IPCs, sensors, cameras as well as measurement and control technology in safety-relevant areas.

The new VBASE communication module (VKM) is a native driver for the Bicker UPSI series and communicates directly with the UPS. The VKM reads the values provided by the device, such as input/output voltage, battery remaining time, duration until full charge or completed charging cycles, and keeps them ready for visualisation and further processing within the VBASE system.

Like all values, VBASE can also use the UPS data for the calculation and execution of further actions (e.g. alarming) or store them in a database for archiving. The extent to which these possibilities are used and the scenario in which they are used are, of course, entirely up to the user: as a pure visualisation on a compact HMI or for condition monitoring in the context of a larger overall system - VBASE gives him all the possibilities.

The new driver is already included in the current VBASE version 11.7 and is ready for use. PS: Bicker power supply units and UPS systems are also available at VISAM!

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