VBASE 11.7.2 available for download now.

VBASE Automation Platform Update 11.7.2

With VBASE 11.7.2 VISAM GmbH publishes another service release for the versatile automation platform.

Among other things, the update introduces the new runtime version VBASE Embedded-C-RT for x86-based HMI systems, which will replace VBASE Kompakt-RT for the discontinued Windows CE in the medium term. The new embedded runtime is only offered pre-installed on automation devices (VTP and VGATE) from VISAM GmbH. Individual purchase without the corresponding hardware is not possible. A first device supporting the new runtime is the already announced 7" operating device VTP-BX74 with Windows 10 IOT. Our comparison table explains the exact differences between the VBASE runtime systems.

Furthermore, the update contains some changes that make the VBASE system even more powerful and secure. For example, more function blocks can be used within a project and the number of linkable arrays for the line recorder has been drastically increased.

The new version is available as an installation file and as an offline update in our download area. Existing installations can easily be updated with the integrated VBASE update manager.

The update is free of charge for all VBASE customers!

As announced, the further development on the basis of the current VBASE generation is considered to be completed and is now limited to service and security updates. The further development of VBASE with new features and functions is fully concentrated on the coming generation: "VBASE X64".

Changelog VBASE Version 11.7.2

  • VBASE Embedded-C-RT runtime added and entries in the runtime systems and version comparisons adapted
  • Drag & Drop in the BACnet Browser improved
  • More than 255 function blocks can now be used
  • Maximum number of arrays for the line recorder increased from 1024 to 4096
  • Additional parameter "TOPMOST" added to AlarmsConfig.txt file of the message system
  • VDF.WriteInt special function for updating the protocol images introduced
  • New parameter ("-2" = channel is not initialised at project start) introduced in VISAMVOK.INI file for [VKK_STARTDELAY].
  • Several updates on security level and bug fixes
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