Log4shell: VBASE is not affected by the security vulnerability.

VBASE ist von Log4Shell nicht betroffen.

We would like to briefly inform you that our automation platform VBASE is not affected by the newly discovered Log4shell security vulnerability.

The affected logging framework Log4j is not used in VBASE. Therefore, there is no risk for VBASE systems due to the new vulnerability.

Log4j is an open-source framework for logging application messages in Java and is used in many software products. The vulnerability, which was discovered in December 2021 and is known as Log4shell, exploits vulnerabilities in the Java libraries used and enables the execution of malicious code (remote code execution) on the affected host systems. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) classifies the vulnerability as very critical.

In general, we recommend for a secure operation of VBASE systems:

  • Keep existing VBASE installations up to date.VISAM GmbH constantly releases new versions for the VBASE automation platform, which also include security updates. To make the update as easy as possible for you, the VBASE Editor has an integrated update manager. For systems without internet connection we provide so-called offline updates on our download page.
    Please check regularly for new versions or subscribe to our newsletter or social media channels.
  • Regularly update the operating system you are using and any installed user software.
  • Create backup copies of your systems at regular intervals to prevent data loss in the "worst case scenario".
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